About us

The Company

In 2017 Roar Amplification was founded in Denmark by Roar Christoffersen after several years of developing the first tube guitar amplifier, the “Quad 15”.

Prototypes for future products like Rackcombos, Headshells and speaker cabinets – with the distinctive speaker grill design shown to the left – have been made to show the whole concept of guitar amplification, where the Quad 15 is a central part.

In 2019, the “Quad15” prototype was taken to a Danish electronic manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience to handle design approvals, manufacturing & quality assurance.

The final tests for each amplifier are done in-house at our location in Ølstykke, Denmark.

Roar Christoffersen – Background

Roar Christoffersen has a bachelor in electronics from 2003, where his final project was made in cooperation with the Danish company “ICEpower”, which is at the forefront of Class D amplifier technology. (At that time ICEpower was part of the B&O cooperation.)

As a side business, Roar has repaired tube amplifiers, guitars and basses, but also Hi-Fi equipment since 2007. Combined with a M.Sc. in Electotechnology in 2014, Roar has achieved years of practical experience building and repairing tube amps, but also the deeper understanding of analog circuits, which has enabled him to design new circuits like the “built-in power attenuator” in the Quad 15 and its short circuit proof power supply.

Speaker grill and Artwork

Erik Sandquist runs a custom jewelry workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark and has a passion for history and viking artwork. With hammer and chisels, blood, sweat and beers, Erik has created Runestones for museums in many countries, which made him the perfect guy for designing the speaker grill, logo and other artwork:

Erik’s band “Stillborn” recorded his guitar with the Quad 15.

Web Designer

Website is made by Emil Birkmose aka. Birk owner of BirkWeb

Birk is also Guitarist and songwriter in the Heavy Prog rock band “TIMECHILD” 

Watch Timechild music video

Recording with the "Quad 15"

As a crucial part of the developing phase, the “Quad15” has been taken to the studio for recordings of various types of music using the four different channels of the Quad 15. The naked unprocessed sound of a guitar & amp on a recording, reveals all strength and weaknesses of the sound quality of a guitar amplifier. This process has led to the fine tuning of the tube circuitry and intuitive design of the many features of the Quad 15.

Søren Jensen has been responsible for both sound and video recordings as well as graphical support.