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Our vision

A new concept of guitar amplification

New guitar tones

At Roar Amplification we strive to build original analog designs to explore new guitar tones that excels in all styles of music: From funk, country, pop, blues and rock to down-tuned metal. This variety of guitar tones can be heard in our flagship: The all tube guitar amp, “Quad 15”. 


We want our guitar amps to be integrated in any imaginable setup, which has led us to a new concept of guitar amplification, where the Quad 15 is at the core with MIDI-controlled channel selection, pre and post gain effect loops, buffered “pickup” outputs and much more.

Power & Versatility

From home use to studio and live gigging, we have solutions to keep your desired tone and power tube overdrive at any sound level. Our uniquely developed built-in power attenuator in our Quad 15 will please even the most seasoned of musicians. We call it: “The Sound of Loud At All Levels”

The Rackcombo integrates all your gear in one box:

  • Tube amp 
  • Preamp
  • Slave amp
  • Rack effects
  • Effect pedals
  • 12″ guitar speaker
  • MIDI footcontroller

Already connected from home and you’re ready to rock!

Headshell 3U

Build a classic guitar head with the “Quad 15 – all tube guitar amp” and a slave amp in a 3U headshell. 

Rackcombo & cabinet

Housing the “Quad 15″ with its 15 W of tube power driving the internal speaker, the Rackcombo also holds a slave amp to power the 3 x 12” cabinet for a massive sound.