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The Quad 15 guitar amplifier can be ordered with two different gain settings for the Rhythm & Lead channels. It comes with 3m mains power cable, three mains power extension cables to power other rack units, user manuals and stickers.

Order the Quad15 guitar amplifier for 1700 € (excl. VAT) + shipping.

Please contact

Bank: Lån & Spar, Denmark
IBAN: DK2304004025482250


The Quad15 can be shipped to any country when payment has been received. 

All tubes are packed carefully in the box to avoid tube damage during shipping along with the Quad15 and accessories. All tubes must be installed by qualified persons before use!

Tube installation instructions

Warning! High Voltage inside. Qualified persons only!

The top lid must be removed (11 screws) to install the tubes.
Please download the “Tube installation instructions – Quad15.pdf” here.

Cabinets & Rackcombos

At this point Cabinets & Rackcombos can only be ordered on special request.
Please contact


Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL